Somerville Brewing: One of Somerville's most beloved spots for creative beers and snacks has served its last pint. Ever notice how many businesses, even very old well established ones, close after being sold to new owners? My thoughts exactly. 617-956-8765. Out in Metrowest of Boston there was The Cock N Kettle restaurant in uxbridge. This restaurant dished up Polynesian food between 1961 and 2000. All different kinds. The Cock n Kettle was epic! Only place I have visited where you could order a whale steak. Bittersweetthank you. We always got a turkey club sandwich and iced tea. Worked there in the 90s. ONCE Ballroom: This indie-focused music venue and lounge in Somerville has hosted its last show. There was no mistaking the type of experience that awaited after you drove past a pasture of fiberglass cows and turned in at the 68-foot-tall cactus sign. I wonder why they left out the Shore Dining Hall at Rocky Point in RI? Not much changed in Eastham either !! The Tam is a prime example, having first opened its doors sometime during the 1940s, thriving as a beloved townie bar ever since. Prints & Photographs Division John Margolies/Library of Congress. I can still make her salad! Popular place to go after classical music concerts we would come over from Boston. It seems to me I remember they had a punch card when they took your order, Anyone remember The Skipper right over the bridge in Fairhaven,Ma. Fantasias near Fresh Pond in Cambridge. What was more exciting? Also in the early sixties my parents would take us out for fried chicken at the Chicken Coop, we loved it as kids. After the bars closed we would go to The Egg and Eye! Swampscott . Great summer meal topped off with ice cream and a chocolate walnut brownie sundae! Gaslight: The South End has lost one of its Gallic mainstays, a bistro once graced by Tom Cruise, among others. Locals never had a chance to bid farewell to these local restaurants and bars. Restaurant Closures Lir Facebook Lir on Boylston 903 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02115 Lir on Boylston, just steps away from the Boston Marathon finish line, has closed after 17 years. Comments as wonderful as article. My mothers favorite uncle, Henry Meyer (who died when I was 3 mos old), worked there as a bartender for many years back in the 40s. Great memories! Melissa Karales, Baileys Ice Cream on Boylston Street. This was in the 70s. Boylston Street -- one of the most popular and busiest in Boston -- grew eerily quiet when the state first required businesses to close under the COVID-19 restrictions. I recall a several course wine dinner there around the mid 80s with a staff of about twenty waiters and waitresses who never missed a beat. Sam Doran, a 24-year-old who lives in the North End, said he has been frequenting the bar for three years. Yay to Thompsons. Best special occasion restaurant ever! . Best fried chicken evaah!! ), Me. Here are the now-closed restaurants readers miss the most We asked what restaurant you miss the most, and, more than 3,000 comments later, here's what you said. For a few months around 1967, Crosstown Bus filled a second-floor space of the 139-year-old Warren Building, a now inauspicious apartment and commercial building we pass by each day stuck in . Actually, I just looked it up and, indeed, they are still open and have great reviews! Diners can still enjoy Dante de Magistris' fresh pastas and hearty Italian plates at Il Casale Lexington and Il Casale Belmont. Amrheins claims lineage back to 1890, making it a cornerstone of South Boston for over a century. It was also one of the first, if not THE first restaurant to ban smoking! How they used to flock to Anthonys and stand in line waiting for an hour or more! But even among those eye-catching neighbors, Hilltop Steak House stood out. The Parker House as a whole has been the center of Boston and U.S. politics. MIT students made a game of stealing them and placing them in bizarre locations- like the top of the dome on the main building on campus. Still miss my favorite restaurant. Freds Turkey house& Hills in Hyannis had garden outside they grew their own veggies & served food family style Sorely missed.Good times! I agree with all! Bonanza Steakhouse in Pittsfield, Mass! By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. Went to the one in West Yarmouth two years ago was not that impressed. The Newbury Steak House was a firm favourite. Lords in Wells Maine unbelievable stuffed lobster, had an extra tail inside and the dessert in the pastry with ice cream was delicious. Ive hit them all and have such fond memories. Sorry its gone missing! Buzzys Roast Beef is gone and the Liberty hotel now occupies its place. Went with my grandparents to the one on Main Street in Falmouth, now an Indian restaurant. He repackaged it as the Hearth n Kettle and eventually expanding that brand to five Cape Cod locations. In 2011, the Oak Room was gutted, leaving a familiar feeling for its fans while becoming a bright, shimmering bar and lounge that befits the hotels jazz age birth. The old Park Square Deli. Many a last call at the South Pacific in Newton. Most famously, John F. Kennedy launched his political career at the hotel and proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier at Parker's Restaurant. A summertime tradition to visit at least once while leaving the Cape. And one more treasured spot -The English Tea Room on Newbury fantastic menu for starving students, and their sweet salad dressing was amazing! Jimmys Harborside, Red Coach Grill, Commodore Restaurant. We ate there a couple of times . What a delicious combination. They too just closed for some reason. Johnsons is still there in Northwood, NH! Catania opened his first restaurant in 1963 (belying the menus claim of famous since 1831), but 10 years later he had sold all the locations except the one in Falmouth. The Viking ,422 Stuart Street..complete with smorgasbord!! The interior of most locations had an old-Boston feel, with heavy wooden tables and dark-beamed ceilings. Clubs and pubs have come and goneeven Fenway Park across the street has been slicked up and expandedbut the Cask remains a stoic, no-frills grand master. I was hoping someone would mention SANDYS at the entrance to Buzzards Bay on Cape Cod. For 47 years, Johnny D's in Somerville was a popular music venue for acts ranging from the Dixie Chicks to Neil Young. Chicken Delight And a graduation dinner! Whenever a new one opened,he was in charge of setting it up,hiring staff,planning menus,etc.He said he would spend 6 months at each location, get it running smoothly and hand it over to permanent management. It was really formal and they hosted weddings in the back yard. The Lincoln was not the name of the stand at first it was the Hypolet Roadside Stand which was her husbands name. Great memories of that places. What a treasure it was! The bar has a Downtown Crossing outpost thats popular in its own right, attracting packs of office-goers who want to wash away the memories of workday throughout the week. I remember Anthonys Pier 4, but didnt go there very often. Last meal there was with my dad in, I think, 1980 or 1981. In a space that originally housed the Federal Reserve, Bond is now a cocktail bar that nods back to its history with original doors and a pastry kitchen that is located in the bank's old vault. Despite the restaurants impressive size (at 20,000 square feet, it could accommodate up to 1,400 patrons), the porches were often lined with customers waiting to get in. Ownership plans to turn the space, just steps from the Cambridge border, into an art gallery and a more casual eating space. It was named the Sand Bar and was associated with a miniature golf course. My father would coach us not to even think about the salad or a potato, just go straight to the lobstah station.. We got our fill and our moneys worth. I believe they are still open and that the address is in Walpole, just north of Foxborough. The Shiro in Berlin. I always ordered the same thing for dinner: escargot followed by baked stuffed lobster. Also the best Grape Nut Pudding I ever had. We felt so grown up! Dorry ONeill, Oh Dinis!!!!! We uncover the best of the city and put it all in an email for you. But some of the citys most notable eating and drinking establishments wont be open to welcome Bostonians back. . One of my favorites thats now gone, was Steves Greek on Newbury St. We ate there all the time in the 1990s and early 2000s. The clams were fantastic Although not a fine food restaurant, Howard Johnsons (New Englanders do not call it HoJos) IS a New England classic, and deserves a spot on this list. James Hook & Co. Year Established: 1925. I got moussaka and vegetables. This popular spot was especially well-known for its macaroons! I had a set of 4 that lasted 4 decades before I broke the last one, the red thoroughly faded, right before the turn of the millennium kind of a sign that an era had truly come to an end. The Red Wing is still there and is as wonderful as ever! It had the same owner from 1922 til it closed when the state ended Rt# 128. But the NoNames legacy cant be understated,believe served as a virtual Restaurant Academy, and chances are there is at least one establishment in your area that owes its existence to that chain of entrepreneurship that issued forth from the humble Fish Pier! Many restaurants here have been in business for many decades or even a century. Oh, indeed the General Glover in Swampscott should be on this list. Both were on Main Street in Hyannis! My friends and I used to hang out at The Pewter Pot AND Senior Pizza. Staff writer for Only In Your State and freelance writer. By 5PM every day there was a line a mile long to get in. Under =Boston Restaurants are 2 Downtown Scandinavian ones; Olas,14 Carver St ,Park Square and the one I think you are remembering.. It fronted onto Daniel Webster Highway, so thats where they put their farm stand and business was good. There was a Swedish Smorgasbord restaurant just off Washington St. in Downtown Boston and we went there alot in the 50s. Weylu s palace did not open until 1989 or so. I grew up in west Roxbury and lived just down the street from Fontaines- such great memories of eating there with my family! Anyone remember The Newbury Steak House on Massachusetts Ave.? Sandys had a location in Brockton, MA also. Sheffield Utd X Tottenham - Ao Vivo Grtis HD Sem Travar | Futebol Grtis HD. And the profits? The Toll House in Whitman Ma home of the Toll House cookie was our place of family gatherings until it burned down in 1984. Others that have disappeared are theCoach and Six in Worcester, El Morocco (popular special event restaurant), Eastmans in downtown Worcester, Green Hill Lodge in Sterling, the Webster House, the White House (yummy cheese cake) and Big Boys (great burgers). Pewter Pot! Also there was a restaurant in NH that had trees growing through the building. We enjoyed going there until the evening my wife got sick from the seafood. Still, most of us locals didnt have a chance to give a final farewell to the following establishments: Legal Oysteria: Charlestown's premier spot for slurping fresh bivalves, courtesy of the Legal Sea Foods empire, has closed up its raw bar for good. At first, Kennedy's specialized in boy's and men's clothing before venturing into the field of women's clothing in the 1930s. The marble counter and heart shaped backs on the chairs, the outstanding hot fudge dripping onto the saucer from the metal ice cream dish. John Durgin and Eldridge Park took that over in 1827 (a third partner, John Chandler, came aboard in 1840, but by then it was apparently too late to add his name). Now that was a sundae , they were shown flowing over with sauce and they were made that way, you needed a shower after eating there! Their pot roast was the best I have ever had as was there Grape Nut Custard. My mom never had much [while] raising me alone, but every so often shed get a few extra bucks and say, Guess where were going, Al? And it was like winning the lottery. Alicen McHugh Savary, Augustines. There was a Yokens in Danvers , Mass in the early 70s . Me and my husband miss the Cock & Kettle in Uxbridge Ma. It was here that Dickens first read his magnificent novel, A Christmas Carol, in America. Ive been to a couple of these restaurants like the Hilltop Steakhouse remember going there with my grandparents when I was little and going into the butcher shop too. Here in New England, we develop pretty strong attachments to the places that serve us what, and how, we like best and boy, do we miss them when they're gone. I used to go there before my evening shift. Anyone remember Custys all you can eat lobster buffet in Rhode Island? Heck Allens is much missed, and even its replacement, Spuds, is now gone and my husband and I and several friends used to go there often. R.H. Stearns and C. Crawford Hollidge were in direct competition, as the former was located on Tremont Street, across from the Park Street subway station. I miss their cold garlic broccoli salad and chilled red wine in pitchers. Food was meh, (it was toward the end) but you can not beat THE SIGN! Anyone know? Got engaged there! This week, Old Sully's was boarded up on Union Street, and many reports in the Town and out of the Town suggested that the bar had finally closed for good. Check out their farewell post on Instagram. I learned proper table service, including boning fish and carving beef properly, as well as making flaming desserts thrilling the customers. And last, because its Christmas, Filenes would have dinner with Santa which was the greatest treat of all. Gilchrist's building is still standing, although the store itself closed in 1977. Cheers Faneuil Hall: The Faneuil Hall location's bar was a replica of the one that appeared on the set of the TV show. Compiled between July 11 and July 15, 2016, with profound fondness and sorrow for the dearly departed watering holes of our youth: Cafeteria Boston: One of the city's most popular see-and-be-seen spots has permanently closed after 13 years on Newbury Street. Going to the Pewter Pot in Brookline before my shift at the hospital. Were a bit fascinated by the fact that New Order played whats now a BU dorm laundry room, The Doors played some weird Brighton apartment complex, and Led Zeppelin played whats now essentially a 7-11. And of course that was followed by an Anthonys birthday cake. And even though my birthday is in March and they were hard to find that time of year, my dad presented me with a corsage of fresh violets. Bison County: Waltham's go-to spot for fine barbecue has smoked its last rack of ribs. Does anyone remember the Scottish lion in Portsmouth NH? We used to have lunch at Brighams. I dont think there was a waiter under 80! I too miss The Town Lyne House. What better footsteps to follow than one of the Union Oyster Houses regular customers, Statesman Daniel Webster, a New Hampshire native who lived nearby, and was said to eat 36 oysters a day, always washed down with brandy and water. First dinner out with my husband of 31 years! The Kowloon was the big attration on Route One, and still is. Wonder Bar: One of Allston's most popular and notorious nightlife spots has hosted its last rager. 11 Marshall St, (617) 367-0055 WARREN TAVERN, Charlestown Warren Tavern is the oldest tavern in Massachusetts and the most famous watering hole in the United States still in its original building and location. Today, The Last Hurrah has the feel of a gentlemens club, but its walls tell a more modern story as a place of political movers and shakers. She started out with a12 x 12 stand, and by 1960 had a huge HOJo style stand which was forced to close. I think the name had the word oyster in it. Inevitably, other beloved stores and eateries were less fortunate and had to close their doors. Yokens sign is still there on Lafayette even though restaurant is long gone. also Warmuthshad a wonderful B deck salad. I lived up the street as well- on spring street until I moved to NH in 1987. Lobster, prime rib, the Arabic platter, the baked Alaska. Have childhood memories of Howard Johnsons from their Toasted Corn Muffins, Clam Roll to Ice Creamwas always a stop leaving Boston, heading to or leaving The Cape and anywhere in between along major roadways. Love that place. Its not surprising that as one of the Americas first settlements, Massachusetts has its fair share of historic taverns. Really miss Top of the Hub. There was always a line outside waiting to go inside for a wonderful dinner. Thats certainly something worthy of a toast. The store concentrated on classic goods and, in the 1970s, several other branches opened throughout Greater Boston. The waiters were excellent and wore suits or tuxedoes. How about Dini s, a favorite seafood restaurant our family went to for celebrations. My parents and I came home to visit my grandparents on the Cape in the late 70s. Really loved the ice cream and clams. I also loved the different steaks. Areas of the building date back to the 1700s, The Modern Hotel and restaurant Nashua NH, Oh their onion rings! All rights reserved. The Automatic: This popular Kendall Square hangout, famous for its burgers and after-work scene, opened in late 2016 as a collaboration between Chris Schlesinger (of the now-closed East Coast Grill) and Dave Cagle (of the now-closed B-Side Lounge). Apparently he was quite the kidder. Of all the restaurants that have closed over the years, this was the Best? Taranta: Jose Duarte's Peruvian-accented eatery was one of the most beloved in the North End. Wonderful staff and so many special nights there with those spectacular views. David K. I used to love Sandys! Fun times! Anyone remember La Picolla Venezia in the North End when it was on Salem Street? You can get other food a-la-carte. Back in the day, this watering hole hosted prominent American patrons like Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, so stopping by here for a beer is basically a history lesson. Dont forget the Toll House,home of the famous cookies. New England has seen some long-serving restaurants, but there arent many that can say they lasted nearly two centuries. Commodore was great, as was the General Glover House in ? None of the bars I've mentioned are still in business, and most of the city's . Its cool to us that these old legacy bands played in places that we pass every day and dont think twice about. The brothers passed away fairly young, Edric Jr. carried the business for a number of years after. They were biggest of all. Im from the Worcester area. They made a mean lime rickey too. In its prime, Hilltop Steakhouse was regularly listed among the busiest restaurants in the world. Lords in Wells Maine unbelievable stuffed lobster, had an extra tail inside and the dessert in the pastry with ice cream was delicious. That was also my introduction to Greek food. Bobby Hackett was a talented man,I remember a radio interview with him,and one of the jobs he had in a long career was setting up the franchises for The Red Coach Grill locations. Too far from my home in Wakefield. So, whats sitting on these properties now? The General Glover House in Swampscott was a well attended and fabulous restaurant for many, many years and greatly missed by many New Englanders. Thanks everyone. Berneices, Cello House, Captains Table. I remember the delicious meals, breads, and desserts..Another gem was Pop Hansons Deli around Harwichport on the Cape. The classic stand-alone colonial style restaurants in places like downtown Plymouth and Orleans were a staple of my youth. We loved going to Durgin Park for the food and to interact with the tourists who were invariably nice, interesting, and often clueless about what made Boston, well, Boston. The Brook Manor! Original Owner: James Hook. Fontains with the waving chicken on the VFW Pkwy, West Roxbury. Worth the drive all the way from Bellingham MA just to have them for dinner, Also the Fin and Fern it was on route 101 going from Amherst to Bedford NH. My favorite was Hilltop Steak House for the Lobstah pie! ! Elizabeth Hunter Vasco, The iconic Fontaines chicken sign, which was a Boston landmark until 2005, greets visitors to @culinarymuseum! Family-owned since 1909, the bar and caf is a Boston staple - and it was opened long before the proliferation of Irish-themed bars you see today (in . for dessertand still have enough left to tip. They made a gigantic plate of fresh fried golden brown mixed seafood. The old Joe Tecces on North Washington Street in Bostonfirst date with my husband in 1975! Jayne Rossi-Elliott, First date with my husband, 1970. Susan Finstein Brine, First date with my husband in 1982. Julie Kerbel, Yes, Joe Tecces! There were a few great fun places south of Boston along Route 1. My go to was Harvard Sq, probably the first to go due to rent prices. We moved and after 37 years gone, dad moved in with me in NJ for last 12 years of life. Was a fun place. There were starched linen tablecloths and napkins. The Seventh Inn in Park Square which I believe was initially Sanae. How about ye old Wilton Diner, Wilton NH Had many special occasion dinners at Benjamins with the family. Backyard Betty's: One of Southie's liveliest drinking and dining spots has served its final boozy shake and order of table-side wings. There was music and some of Santas elves would bring you a box of your own crayons and coloring pages while you waited for dinner. It was also always a line to get into either locations. Well,in their@100 year existence, this scenario played out again and again; a fisherman would come to the owner(Jimmy, Nick,Tony,etc. Baileys, both in Harvard Square and downtown, was a regular stop in my youth: grilled cheese, fish chowder, and cone-shaped scoops of ice cream in an old-style silver cup with handle. Tango: The area's lone Argentinian restaurant finished up an 18-year run in the heart of Arlington Center. Our newsletter hand-delivers the best bits to your inbox. Then when Star Market bought Brighams in 1961, it sparked a flurry of expansion that added another 40 restaurants to the mix. I can still taste their saurbraten and those delicious fries. They offered all the steak and lobstah you could eat for a vcery reasonable fixed price and made their money on the beer and desserts they sold separately. Dairy Bar along with great restaurant and craft brewery! Although Id only been there once about 10 years ago, it has a special sentimental place in my heart. Below are the nominations by MASSterList readers of their favorite gone-but-not-forgotten bars and nightclubs that have closed over the years in the Boston area. The sign is still there, though the restaurant in gone. Lived in Buxton for years and made the trip to Coles on a weekly basis. Black Angus, Boston. Manchester, NH favorites Blakes restaurant and ice cream AND the Puritan Back Room, Makris Seafood in Concord, New Hampshire. I also remember Valleys Steak House and the lobster specials they had. Parsnip: This upscale Harvard Square restaurant, housed in the multi-level space that formerly held Upstairs on the Square, opened in late 2015. The clam roll shave been equaled and surpassed bu t other both they were good. What about LockeOber in Boston? Been to all of them. It was a Greek diner, and they made my favorite Chicken/Broccoli/Ziti ever super lemony, super garlicky. The lure? You go downstairs. It moved over to Hanover and changed completely. Supposedly, the BellyBuster was free to anyone who could eat it all in one go. Elishas and also the White Horse Tavern, both were in Milford NH. Two more to add: Flagstones in Newington, NH and Els After briefly shutting its doors and changing ownership in 2018, The Tam re-opened, ready to once again sling inexpensive, no-nonsense beverages in an area where such a thing is a real rarity. 2023 Vanyaland. Another local seafood mecca was Yokens on Route 1 in Portsmouth. We were stationed at Hanscom Field in the late 1960s & would drive to the Willow Pond Kitchen just for the fried clams. Topsys/Fontaines in West Roxbury, My all time favorite, Valles Steak Houses, Bickfords (late night, early morning breakfasts), Vallees, Freds Seafood (Randolph) Friendlys, Hilltop, The No-Name & the pewter pot, also Woolworths . They had excellent muffins and a great breakfast. God bless them for locating great places to eat, mostly from Yankee Magazine. I miss Souper Salad in Kenmore Sq something fierce, and The Arlington Diner on Mass Ave. Whiskey's: Long a favorite among eager students and Back Bay twenty-somethings, this down-and-dirty party spot and sports bar has closed after an epic run on Boylston Street. Formality was always in fashion at Locke-Ober and the restaurant's last owner, David Ray, decided to shut down rather than change Locke-Ober's signature style. Also if we got anything wrong, in location, history, or context, please kindly let us know at Had been to the Hearth and Kettle in Hyannis back in the 80s while visiting my grandmother. I must agree Howard Johnsons offered a variety of good food and accommodations. During the 1980s, Kennedy's struggled and had to shut the doors of its main store (at Summer and Hawley streets). I was just craving Souper Salad earlier today. Potatoes were chopped very fine and the flavor was out of this world! The owners were the nicest. Also the Magic Pan with their amazing crepes and Soups. And their 3 lb back stuffed was great. Famed not only for its Chinese fare, but for attracting top comedians and offering a Polynesian floor show.. Agree about Fontaines in West Roxbury. So yummy! Glad Dinis and Too House were mentioned by others. No matter which one you went to you would always end up seeing someone you knew. Victor and Anna Charpentier purchased the farm and restaurant in 1954, and they ran it until Victor died in 1966. Wicked yummy! It now houses the popular Trinas Starlite Lounge. Bids tavern in Norwich Connecticut fabulous place for sandwiches dollar beers the supreme grand slam I especially liked their cheeseburgers. We would go there from West Roxbury for their fried clams and bring their pizza home. And in that, the Cask has a secure place in Bostons history. When my three best friends and I got our first paying jobs in high school, we would dress up and go on Sundays. If youre looking for something a little fancier and more modern, check out our list of the best cocktail bars in Boston. The Last Hurrah is located inside the Omni Parker House hotel, which itself dates to 1855, and claims the much-traveled British author as a reveler and a guest. Thinking about Howard Johnsons and The Red Coach Inn restaurants. Chadwick's most memorable moments occurred on customers' birthdays when ear-splitting drums and singing shook the small dining room, and most likely, the entire Metrowest Boston region. Great place. Throughout its run, seafood remained a popular menu item and pies were the go-to desserts, but the star of the show never changed., JWU Culinary (@JWUCulinaryNow) March 15, 2016, Fontaines in West Roxbury the fried chicken and grilled, buttered dinner rolls. Kristina Nikolaides, Best coleslaw and onion rings evah!! Here are 12 places that we still miss: How many of these do you personally remember? If you asked, they also sold their squat red-on-clear Bel-Aire water glasses that the waitress brought before taking our orders. In March 1951, Howard Flanders and his family became the new owners of Green Ridge Turkey Farm, and a rebuilt restaurant reopened the following year. la coquille club membership cost, section 8 houses for rent in gentilly, keystone auto auction,